A Glimpse of Gender & Culture in the Middle Eastern Cooking Industry

Celebrity Chef Suzanne Husseini Speaks Out At Gourmet Abu Dhabi

Posted by Sharon on Feb 7

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Professional cooking has always been known as a male-dominated industry. This trend is something that can be seen even in a Westernized country, so one can imagine what the industry must be like for women living in countries that still hold to strict cultural gender roles -- like the Middle East, where the culinary Gourmet Abu Dhabi event is currently in full swing.

Fortunately, according to Dubai celebrity chef Suzanne Husseini, "more women than ever before are entering the food and beverage industry."

Shortly after her cooking demonstration and class at Gourmet Abu Dhabi at the United Arab Emirates' Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel, Husseini mentioned she was greatly encouraged by the increasing number of female chefs she has seen during the event. "It is fantastic to see these women here. They are sharing their knowledge and skills, and it is great to see so many of them doing well.

"I don’t think there are any barriers to women being in the industry here," Husseini added.

Husseini got her start as a culinary instructor She is currently the host of "Sohbe Taibe," or Middle Eastern Cooking, and is a new cookbook author as well. Her Mediterranean-Arabian fusion recipes can be found in "When Suzanne Cooks: Modern Flavours Of Arabia," published in December of last year.

Source:  Hotelier Middle East

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