Aiming to help local pubs find staff quickly and cheaply – Intro30 launches in the UK

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As the increasing staff shortages scupper opening plans for pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK, aims to provide a quick, efficient and above all free solution to recruitment woes.

Focusing on the Hospitality industry - Intro30 allows candidates to introduce themselves with 30-second videos and for the employers to quickly assess their first impression: their soft skills, warmth, and personality - none of which are available on their CVs.

“The first impression is the cornerstone of success for a customer-facing business,” says Intro30’s CEO Ellie Dailey. “As a recruiter, if the candidate makes a good first impression on you, chances are they’ll also make a good first impression on your customers. And I know if I feel like I’m being treated well in a pub/shop/bar/restaurant - I’ll be back.”

With a shortfall of around 200k people in June, the hospitality industry is struggling to fill jobs. A local publican said that none of his fabulous hardworking staff at any of his 4 establishments can take holidays at the moment; and that using recruitment agencies is expensive and ineffective, and ultimately hiring good people is the number one problem facing small businesses in the area.

Equally, there is no instant gratification app for candidates wishing to get a shift right away without jumping through the usual recruitment hoops. Over 90% of candidates describe the job hunting experience as “poor”.

Intro30 has pioneered video resumes in the US over the past 4 years and is now relaunching, rebuilding and rebranding for the UK market starting with Cheltenham and the Midlands.

Intro30 is building an intuitive app that allows the candidate to see local opportunities, apply with their 30-second video and immediately schedule a video interview.

The business owners/employers/recruiters can also see talent available locally and invite them for interviews.

“Intro30 is still using the MVP product currently and in process of build at the moment,” says Ellie, “but it should be up and running by the end of the year”

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