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Alessi Coffee Espresso Maker A Richard Sapper design, the Alessi Espresso Coffee Maker is made completely of 18/10 stainless steel which is mirror polished or coated with black silicone resins. The Alessi will produce up to six cups of espresso (holds up to ten ounces of water).

Patented not only for use but also for design qualities, it features a boiler, filter funnel, reducer-filter, special rubber washer, upper microfilter, and brass safety valve. The upper container has an internal column for piping the coffee into the container. The lid and handle are stainless steel. The wide base, made to take full advantage of the heat source, combined with the upward tapering shape work to conserve consumption of electricity or gas.

The product also contains a non-drip spout, a lever style closure and a non slip handle. The lever closure forms an hermetic seal and ensures that perfect seal in one movement, an exclusive feature of the Alessi .

Simple to use, easy to fill, and a breeze to clean, this pot will brew quietly on your stove to provide a great espresso experience. You'll want to avoid the addition of fine grained accompaniments or extracts which could stop up the microfilter.

While an unlimited guarantee covers any manufacturing defects in the parts forming the main body of the Alessi, use of very low flame is recommended for heating and special care should be taken not to heat a dry container as this will cause irreparable damage. Wash with normal detergent or plain water as many pieces of the coffee maker cannot tolerate the dishwasher.

If you're not ready to take the stovetop espresso leap yet, consider the Rancilio Coffee & Espresso Combo Machine.

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