Alice Waters Unveils Edible Schoolyards Artwork At Levi’s Workshop

Posted by on Aug 21

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Last night marked the unveiling ceremony for slow-food enthusiast Alice Waters' latest project -- a print campaign collaboration with Levi's Workshop. Garden For the Environment, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to organic urban farming, and former Chez Panisse assistant Sylvan Brackett also assisted Waters in her printmaking campaign.

Levi's Workshop is a community printmaking shop in Berkeley, Waters' well-known California hometown, run by the makers of Levi's jeans. The workshop is open to members of the public who want to experiment with typesetting, screen printing, and letterpress.

Waters' latest project is a poster campaign to benefit her Edible Schoolyards organization. The concept stresses the importance of a healthy diet just as much as the standard "three Rs." The poster was made entirely on site at Levi's Workshop and will be distributed to participating Edible Schoolyard programs across the nation. The additional posters created by Garden For the Environment displayed a simple recipe for "feeling good," which they hoped would be an "inspiring broadside."


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