All Clad Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven Set

Stainless Steel Lid w/ Oven Mitts 5.5 Quart

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All Clad Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven Set All Clad's Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven, made of heavy gauge cast aluminum, offers excellent heat distribution, an important factor whether using the Dutch Oven to braise meat or simmer soups. The set includes the 5.5-quart capacity Dutch Oven, a stainless steel lid, and two red All Clad oven mitts which will come in handy when transferring the Dutch Oven from stovetop to tabletop.

While the Dutch Oven may be used at the table to serve food from, it is not the most attractive Dutch Oven out there. Of course, it also doesn't have the price tag that comes with a more attractive Dutch Oven. (Think Le Creuset. Or Copper Fusion Cookware from Chantal.)

But how important is appearance? And is appearance the only difference between All Clad's Dutch Oven and other more expensive Dutch Ovens out there?

Most, if not all, Dutch Ovens offer a nonstick interior for easy cleaning. Some, like the All Clad offer a nonstick exterior as well.

Dutch Ovens are made from a variety of materials ranging from heavy gauge aluminum to cast iron to porcelain. Enameled cast iron, which is what Le Creuset uses for its 5.5 Quart Dutch Oven, has been recognized as one of the best materials available for cookware. Enameled cast iron retains heat and promotes even cooking at low heat; this ensures that the best flavor is brought out from the ingredients. But like its added attractiveness, the bonuses to construction with these materials also comes at a cost-- about three or four times the cost of the All Clad.

Lodge Logic's 7 quart Dutch Oven, on the other hand (or should I say other burner), costs about the same and offers the durability and heftiness of cast iron. But I don't know that I'd serve directly from it either.

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