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Kitchen Cookware Stainless Steel 4 Quart

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All-Clad LTD Saucepan The All-Clad company has been manufacturing stainless steel professional cookware for over 30 years. They have more recently incorporated hard-anodized aluminum to the extensive product line.

The process of hard-anodizing aluminum results in a very durable finish, actually harder than many steels, as well as nonstick and easy to clean. Of course, aluminum cookware is lighter than steel which is a popular selling point.

These saucepans have the unique All-Clad triple layer construction, with a thick core of aluminum sandwiched between a stainless steel interior and the hard-anodized exterior. The aluminum core extends throughout the pan and up the sides, unlike cookware with only a disk of thicker metal on the bottom. This evenly spreads the heat and is meant to prevent hotspots which result in uneven cooking.

The polished stainless steel interior is naturally nonstick and cooking at a lower temperature is recommended with these pans due to the more efficient heating. The 4-quart saucepan is a popular size for everyday use and of course, the stainless steel is non-reactive so highly acidic foods like tomato sauce can be cooked all day without any off flavors developing. The accompanying lid is also polished stainless steel.

These pans are renowned for their durability. That's probably why many don't blink at the high price they command. There are no fragile non-stick coatings applied to this cookware; it's all in the metal. All-Clad recommends that you hand wash this cookware, as machine washing can stain the anodized surface.

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