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If you, like millions around the globe, are concerned about the quality of the water you drink, there is a simple, affordable solution that you need to know about. Oneness Labs has created a new formula which uses chlorine dioxide to leach toxins from your water supply.

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This new product release builds on pre-existing technology, but has been packaged for specialized consumer use. The active ingredient in these drops, chlorine dioxide, shares many properties with bleach, but unlike bleach, is safe for use on food items and should not cause major skin irritation when used in the recommended dosage.

Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO₂, exists as a yellowish gas at room temperature but can easily be dissolved into water. While the full extent of its applications have not been fully explored, experts do know that it is easily water-soluble and, in small doses, makes an excellent disinfecting agent for water and produce alike.

The Oneness Drops team has harnessed these properties in the creation of their new product, which comes in a variety of specialized applications. A consumer-grade variety has been created for water purification purposes and includes citric acid in its recipe. This can help to remove bacteria and contaminants from the surface of produce.

They have also released a stronger version of the drops, which introduce hydrochloric acid into the formula and can be used for more aggressive cleaning and purification efforts. The introduction of acids can also help to break down heavier contaminants that may be present in water.

The product comes in a convenient travel-size bottle, making it perfect for trips to areas that may not have reliable sources of clean drinking water. Even boiling water may not be enough to remove all contamination, and some metallic elements may still be present and put you at risk of problems such as depression, illness, or even dementia.

For your safety and for the health of those around you, look into chlorine dioxide. You may be surprised what it can do for you!

Oneness Labs has been continually revising their formula since 2008 when ClO₂ was first discovered as an effective sanitation tool, and finally began distribution in 2019. They hope to provide this product to communities in need, and have so far helped over 5,000 customers.

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