Alton Brown’s Problem With Molecular Gastronomy

“Good Eats” Host Says “It’s Not Food”

Posted by on Jul 27

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At the American Culinary Federation convention in Grapevine, TX, celebrity chef Alton Brown revealed that he's not as big of a fan of molecular gastronomy as some might perceive. He's fed up. In fact, some aspects of the craft he'd rather never see again in his lifetime.

"You can't live on it. It's not food," he argued.

Statements like this and others from the popular Good Eats host may come as a surprise, especially since Brown's point of view as a chef has always taken a more scientific approach -- a self-proclaimed "gastrophysicist," even.

But Alton pointed out that his concern lies with the younger generations of up-and-coming chefs who are still learning their craft.

"My worry is that they will try to use it to replace knowing how to cook food," he said. "Show me you can cook a chicken breast properly. Show me you can cook a carrot properly. Now do it a hundred times in a row. Then we can play around with the white powders."

And his pet peeve? Foam. Brown isn't a fan of exchanging valuable culinary skills with "throwing a whole bunch of flavors on top of something." During his presentation, Brown admitted, "If I live the rest of my culinary life without seeing another foam, I'll be OK."


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