And the Winner of “Top Chef All-Stars” Is…

Interview With Richard Blais, Season 8 Champion

Posted by Sharon on Mar 31

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This week's season finale of the Emmy-winning reality series "Top Chef" pitted the final two All-Stars against each other in a restaurant battle. After chefs Richard Blais and Mike Isabella were asked to create their own dining experience complete with a four-course menu, the judges named Season 4's Richard Blais as the "Top Chef: All-Stars" champion.

Blais, a contestant known for favoring liquid nitrogen and other high-tech methods, says his simplistic use of cooking techniques surprised a lot of people during the finale. "I think people expected me to come out with a laser gun or a robot to cook the food or something, but really, I was baking bread and roasting chickens. I really just kind of got back to basics," he said in an interview with SlashFood.

Did Blais think that he'd be competing against Isabella in the finale? Maybe not. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he names chefs Angelo Sosa and Jen Carroll as the two that he thought would make it all the way to the finale.

He also revealed that the "All Stars" season portrays his personality more accurately than his original season. Instead of coming off as "a lovable loser who just couldn't do it and choked," Blais says his analytical quirks came through clearly this time around.

"Sometimes I do over-analyze and I'm a touch neurotic perhaps -- but yeah, I'm happy with the way I got portrayed because I think it's true," he confessed.

And about that $200,000 prize?  Blais says he's still intent on continuing his partnership at his three Flip Burger establishments, along with opening a new "pig-centric" restaurant in Atlanta this spring. He even hinted at bigger opportunities down the road, but simply stated, "There are some new projects ahead that I can’t discuss just yet."

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