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Kitchen 2 Piece Meat Loaf

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Anolon Suregrip Bakeware Pan Set When I first heard about this meatloaf pan I wondered: Who makes so much meatloaf that they need a specialized pan? Well, now I have my answer. People who have this meatloaf pan make that much meatloaf because this pan is so awesome.

Seriously, you'll make meatloaf more often if you own this pan. So if you like meatloaf, it's worth checking out. This loaf pan set includes an insert that allows the fat and oil to drip away from the meatloaf. That makes it healthier, yes. But it also helps the meatloaf hold together better. This is a huge bonus of you love to slice your meatloaf for sandwiches.

The pans are made of very sturdy carbon steel, which creates a perfectly browned loaf. And they feature comfy silicone handles for easy handling. And it's easy to clean, too. The meatloaf slides right out without cracking or breaking.

The size of the pan is nice and big?-big enough to make a 2-pound loaf. That's enough for the whole family, or, for a couple, it means plenty of leftovers. And I like leftover meatloaf even better.

You can use the pan set for things other than meatloaf, too. It would work quite well for breads or a pound cake.

Trust me, you'll find yourself making a lot more meatloaf once you get this pan set.

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