Anolon Suregrip Bakeware Set

Kitchen 5 Piece Nonstick Carbon Steel

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Anolon Suregrip Bakeware Set This set has everything you need and nothing you don't. You have a nice-sized 10-by-15-inch cookie pan, a rectangular cake pan and two 9-inch round cake pans (so you have the flexibility to make several types of cakes). And I would use this rectangular cake pan for lasagna - it's the perfect depth and size.

Oh, and you get a 10-by-15-inch cooling rack?-that's a nice extra to get in a set like this.

I am becoming a big fan of Anolon. It's heavyweight carbon steel so I know these pieces won't warp. The nonstick surface makes cooking and cleaning up a breeze. And the best part about this set is the extra wide rims and handles on all the pieces. You can hold the dishes without sticking your dirty potholders into your freshly baked food. And the handles are coated with easy-to-grip silicone, lessening your chances of dumping a fresh-baked bath of brownies on the kitchen floor. (Oh, the horror of sullied brownies on the kitchen floor!)

I love the light grey color of the pans, too. I tend to burn things so I avoid the darker-finish pans.

If I keep finding such great deals on this brand, I'll be replacing all my non-Anolon bakeware with Anolon soon. It will be a full-on Anolon invasion - and I will serve my Anolon warlords happily, baking batch after batch of fine baked goods to win their favor.

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