Anthony Bourdain Publicly Bashes James Beard Awards… Again

Kat Kinsman Of CNN’s Eatocracy Responds

Posted by on Apr 4

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In a recent Travel Channel blog post from "No Reservations" traveling foodie Anthony Bourdain, the host took time to publicly voice his strong opinions against the James Beard Awards, a ceremony which he's been displeased with for years and likens to a "goat rodeo."

This year, Bourdain has even been nominated for a JBF Award with celebrity chef Eric Ripert for their radio show, "Turn and Burn." But that doesn't change his mind one bit.

"It would seem wrong, after all, given that I’ve been loudly peeing on this organization at every opportunity for years, to change my tune, now that I’m nominated for something," Bourdain said. "I would sooner attend a Renaissance Fair in Hell."

This time around, it seems Bourdain's problems stem from the ceremony's "multi-cultural theme." He believes the current representation of culture is misrepresented, saying, "Maybe when they make para-legal advice for Mexican cooks a priority or take a loud, persistent stand on the people doing so much of the actual cooking in this country, I’ll change my views."

He then explained his current beef with a "culinary profession whose vast majority spends hours on kicky new muffin recipes'... lining their plastic-filled pockets with free food and swag." In response to the new Humor category nomination for Twitter satire account @RuthBourdain, he said, "It is said that some feel his/her nomination 'cheapens' the enterprise... The whole notion of someone–anyone–'cheapening' the business sounds like a bunch of old hookers complaining about the new girl who kisses on the lips."

CNN Eatocracy managing editor Kat Kinsman responded to Bourdain's rant immediately, crediting industry pros that she believes actually make a difference instead of a hindrance.

"The accusation of promiscuous freebie-grabbing and inconsequential subject matter amongst the entire food writing world made my humorless little hooker heart sink," she said.

"Every barrel of pros has its bad apples. We've got our swag hags and hacks, to be sure, but they're not stinking up the green room in which finalists like Barry Estabrook, Tom Philpott, Corby Kummer, Joe Fassler, Rachael Moeller Gorman, Katharine Shilcutt, Brian Halweil and others are standing... [They shine] a floodlight on the people and practices that are making a real world difference and saving lives."

Source:  Eatocracy

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