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Kitchen Storage Container Embossed Copper

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Antique Cookie Jar There's a reason why people register for gifts for their wedding. I just wish someone had told my aunt that before my wedding this summer. If you really know the couple well, you might venture away from the wedding registry. But don't assume you know the couple's taste. Everyone will likely be better off if you get something from the registry and maybe add a personal flare (i.e. the cookbook off the registry and an assortment of fresh, exotic spices to use in those recipes).

In a very generous gesture, my aunt sent my fiancee and I some hand-painted pottery as an early wedding gift. She obviously spent a lot of money on the pottery (and the shipping). The pottery featured large olive-colored grapevines/leaves against a maroon background with some white and goldenrod highlights. Our dishes were blue and white. I saw a problem. (My botanist fiancee saw a problem too: there were olives growing on the grapevines, not grapes. It all screamed Tuscany, which made sense since my family's Italian and they live in the wine country. But it might have been smart for the artist to check a plant guide before getting started.)

So what did we do?

We redecorated our kitchen to match the pottery from my aunt, including registering for a new set of dishes.

What does this have to do with a 4-quart, hand-embossed copper cookie jar, you might wonder?

Well, it would go perfectly in my new kitchen, but how would it look in yours? With an item like this, it all comes down to aesthetics. If if fits your taste, buy it. If you're considering it for a friend, check out their dishes first.

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