April Fool’s Day For Foodies 2011: A Recap

This Year’s Culinary Breaking News Pranks

Posted by on Apr 2

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Did Gmail really come up with a way to utilize webcam motion sensors? And is Virgin Airlines' Sir Richard Branson really the new owner of Pluto with plans to reinstate it as a planet? Yes -- if you believe everything you read on April 1.

Websites, blogs, newspapers, and Twitter accounts were buzzing with rumors yesterday on April Fool's Day, including contributions from several celebrity chefs, critics, and food retailers. Here are some of the pranks that surfaced:

According to L.A. Weekly, sustainable food guru Alice Waters was the force behind the new @RuthBourdain Twitter account. The name came about as Waters acknowledged her split personality, wanting to adhere to her "personal dietary code" like Ruth Reichl, yet craving that "tremendous dark-side of the human psyche" that she credits to Anthony Bourdain. "I care about all of my causes so very much," admitted Waters as cited by the Weekly. "But sometimes I just want to punch a hippie in the face and eat a big f-----g Indonesian swordfish steak."

Taking the prank one step further, Alice Waters herself used her own Twitter account to confirm, "Yes, It's True. I Am @RuthBourdain."

Other celebrity chefs collaborated with Jose Andres of "Made In Spain" as he announced a new NBC reality show starring his wife and the wives of Eric Ripert, Tom Colicchio, Anthony Bourdain, and Conan O'Brien. Yep, Conan O'Brien. The name of the show? "Desperate Chefs' Wives."

Food retailers took time to announce new products yesterday as well, like Whole Foods Market introducing their new Cardbread concept. This bread is "packed with fiber, a dense chewy texture, a hint of pizza flavor, and no added oils or fats." Paired next to a photo of what looks like baked corrugated cardboard (pictured above), Whole Foods said that the "Recycling Meets Baking" bread would be released this year on Earth Day.

Fast food joint Carl's Jr. introduced a new Six Dollar burger called the Original Six Dollar Vegan Tofu Burger. The burger includes mushrooms, lettuce, soy cheese, and julienned carrots atop a huge slab of tofu, which Carl's Jr. advertised "will take you on a wild ride to Flavortown."

Starbucks joined in the fun as well by advertising a new iPhone app called Mobile Pour. Part of the Global Mobile Beverage test program starting in seven major cities, the app lets users order from their phone. Orders are then delivered by baristas on scooters -- and it doesn't stop there. Starbucks promised "several other exciting (can you say 'mall' and 'rollerblades') initiatives" over the next several months.

Source:  Eater.com

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