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Back to Basics Manual Grinder Mill With more and more people discovering that quality of food is better when harvested close to home, machines like the Grain and Flour Mill from Back to Basics are becoming more common. If you want to make the jump from processed flours shipped back and forth across the country to home grown flour and truly home made bread, this manual mill can help you explore that new frontier without breaking the budget. Be aware that making large amounts of flour with this sturdy machine is a slow chore. It's better suited for cracking wheat or making corn grits and coarse meal than for making large quanitities of finely ground flour. Small amounts are well within its range.

For occasional home use the machine is a good choice as long as you are patient and willing to spend time cranking an old fashioned handle--or talk someone else into doing it. The grinder clamps easily to any sturdy table top and adjusts for product grades from coarse to fine. This device works with a wide variety of grains and beans as well as some bulk spices. Simply fill the hopper and start turning. The stainless steel burrs do relatively fast work but the power source often gets tired or wanders away, so set reasonable goals. The company's estimate of a cup of fine flour per minute or ten pounds of fine flour per hour is a little over optimistic.

Guaranteed for two years, this machine is stoutly built and should hold up to ordinary use without problems, but if you grind flour every day you'll probably quickly step up to electric models and keep this one as a handy backup.

If you grind a lot of fresh nutmeg, Peugeot's Tidore Nutmeg Shaver is a good tool to have.

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