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Back to Basics Strainer & Sauce Maker The Back to Basics Strainer is better than a Foley mill, better than old fashioned methods for processing produce. The mill mounts on the table or counter. It has a hand crank operation, but don't be fooled; this device is FAST.

Food is pressed through a stainless steel screen which separates the juice from the pulp in one step. The strainer comes with a medium screen made for preparing apples and tomatoes, plus the hopper and a push stick. Food comes out one side, waste out the other. The only downside seems to be the waste spout, which some people have found to be a bit less durable than the other parts of the mill. Even so, this is such an impressive item that you couldn't get people to part with it.

Using the strainer makes it ridiculously easy to create sauces and purees, jams and pie fillings, creamed soups or baby food, and juices. There is no need to peel or core. This screen produces applesauce and tomato sauces while separating out the seeds, skins and stems for you, all in one step. You'll never go back to the old methods for canning, never need to peel another tomato, and never waste another bit of garden produce.

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