Baker’s Edge Kitchen Brownie Pan w/ Aluminum Non Stick Surface

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Baker's Edge Kitchen Brownie Pan w/Maybe I'm missing something. A baking pan that creates more edges? It's made of heavy cast aluminum and boasts patented sidewalls that circulate heat to the pan's middle where food typically takes longer to bake.

Its somewhat unusual size-- 13.5 x 9 x 2-- still works well for recipes calling for a 9x9 or 9x12 pan. The pan's recessed handles make it easy to grab when you've flipped the pan upside down. And with its nonstick coating, you shouldn't have problems getting the brownies out.

Sounds great, right? If you have a family of edge-lovers then maybe it is. But what about us center fans?

The pan, with all its extra dividers, gives at least two edges to every serving, eliminating the center brownie entirely. Personally, I think it's criminal. And from an environmental standpoint, it's a waste of resources, too. For all the aluminum it takes to make three of these snake-like pans, one could probably make five regular brownie pans. And with a standard baking pan, you can satisfy the edge-lovers and the center-lovers alike. So, if you're at all concerned about the environment or even remotely interested in promoting peace, you might want to reconsider purchasing a pan that clearly has a biased edge.

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