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Kitchen Pan Nonstick 35 Piece

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Baker's Secret Bakeware Set Thirty-seven pieces of bakeware? That's insane. Who needs that much bakeware, you wonder? I was skeptical that these pieces were all necessary. Well, let's take a look at the set and see:

You've got two cookie sheets. That's reasonable; we all need at least two cookie sheets. There's an 8-in. square cake pan and two 9-inch round cake pans. That gives you the flexibility to do a variety of single- and double-layer cakes. Very nice. You've got two pie pans and two large loaf pans. Again, that seems about right. A 12-cup muffin pan -- you have to have at least one of these. One biscuit brownie pan -- not necessary but a bonus for brownie lovers. A roast pan. Yep, need that, too.

So all the above pieces are necessary and useful to a baker.

The oblong cake pan seems excessive to me. And I would never use the 12-inch pizza pan as I prefer to use my pizza stone.

The recipe book is a throwaway item. But there are some other yummy extras: the cake decorator set, a pastry brush and some wooden spoons. Again, I wouldn't choose these exact items if I were purchasing them apart from the set -- I, for example, prefer my silicone pastry brush. But it's always nice to have extra wooden spoons and pastry brushes. So, what the heck. Let's just say they're nice bonus items an leave it at that.

For someone who bakes now and again this set would be overkill. But if you are really into baking, this has everything you need. (Heck, you could open your own bake shop with this set!)

The quality? The nonstick is slick and works well. And the light grey color achieves optimal browning. Verdict: This is a great set for a baking enthusiast at a really good price.

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