Best Leading Actor in a Food Movie

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The Best Leading Actor in a Food Movie - a category in TheCooksDen's Culinary Cinema Awards.


Pierre Richard in A Chef in Love - An excellent performance from Pierre Richard in a sweeping tale of love, war, and several delicious looking feasts. Richard is best known for his fifty-year career in French comedies.

Bernard Giraudeau in A Matter of Taste - A middle-aged businessman recruits a younger, handsome waiter to be his personal food taster. The two men share several delicious meals, but things quickly spiral out of control. Both leading male performances are excellent.

Bob Hoskins in Felicia's Journey - Bob Hoskins has yet to win an Oscar and maybe never will. But he's quite the actor, showing off his skills in this creepy stalker flick. Think Peeping Tom meets Top Chef.

Daniel Auteuil in Aprés Vous - Daniel gets nominated for an award just about every time he graces a film with his presence, so when he turns his attention to a food movie, we take notice. The movie is light and enjoyable, and Daniel is as good as ever.

Andre Gregory in My Dinner With Andre - It's almost unfair to note someone's performance when most of the movie feels like a semi-autobiographical improvisation. Yet both Andre and Wallace Shawn will draw you into their world as any great actor should.

Honorable Mention

Hector Elizondo in Tortilla Soup - A remake of Eat Drink Man Woman, this one's not quite as scrumptious. But if you've got a taste for Mexican food, definitely see both. Hector Elizondo does his usual subtle and professional job.

And the Winner Is...

Raimu in La Femme du Boulanger - Raimu is the best actor you've never seen. Orson Welles once called him the greatest actor EVER. La Femme is a tough one to find, but worth a search. If you catch the live musical instead, you'll miss out on Raimu's sublime performance.

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