Best Leading Actress in a Food Movie

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The Best Leading Actress in a Food Movie - a category in TheCooksDen's Culinary Cinema Awards.


Keri Russell in Waitress - Keri will single-handedly make you a believer in the transcendent powers of pie. A charming movie no doubt, and one that will make you hungry, but it's Ms. Russell that steals the show.

Martina Gedeck in Mostly Martha - Why haven't we seen more of Martina on this side of the pond? In Mostly Martha, she does a wonderful job showing us the human side of a professional gourmet chef.

Vivica Fox in Soul Food - A mediocre movie but the food scenes are top-notch. Vivica does a great job pulling together this food-as-family-therapy drama. Vanessa Williams is worth seeing as well.

Toni Collette in Hotel Splendide - Toni Collette's food and acting shine in this quirky tale of gourmet food bringing enlightenment to one of the most dreary spots on Earth. Collette's not the only one who delivers the goods -- Daniel Craig, AKA James Bond, is worth a watch as well.

Stéphane Audran in Au petit Marguery, Babette's Feast and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie - Stéphane's practically made a career of starring in food flicks. Amazing as the demure foodie in Babette's Feast, she also delivers stellar performances in two other culinary gems. Stéphane must be a foodie off screen as well. Either that or she's just a great actress!

Honorable mention

Decline of the American Empire - Well worth watching and the acting is superb all around. Unfortunately, it doesn't show off enough food to be considered a "food movie." Don't let that dissuade you, though.

And the Winner Is...

Juliette Binoche in Chocolat - If you haven't put on five pounds watching Waitress, check out Juliette Binoche in another star-studded dessert movie. In the struggle between decadence and austerity, it's Juliette who comes out on top. That, and the bakeware, of course.

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