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The Best Food Movies - a category in TheCooksDen's Culinary Cinema Awards.


Big Night - Movies that gradually build toward a final, over-the-top feast are not uncommon. But this one so perfectly contrasts its grand meal with the simplicity of a single fried egg. That alone will leave you grabbing for your apron and a bottle of Chianti.

Chocolat - Big-name Hollywood talent doesn't disappoint in this charming ode to chocolate, love and all things epicurean. Nearly flawless. And delicious.

Eat Drink Man Woman - You'll know you're in for something special from the opening credits. The story of an aging master chef who brings his family together with his cooking but struggles with the basics of fatherhood.

La Graine et Le Mulet - The slow pacing, almost-too-honest delivery and nearly surreal ending may not be for some. But others will appreciate the North African food, the acting and the mostly-uplifting theme.

Babette's Feast - Beautifully filmed, acted and served up, this visual feast will have you planning your next meal along with Babette. Though her guests can't appreciate the cuisine, you'll appreciate the slow journey that climaxes with a stunning feast.

Ratatouille - The accolades were seemingly unending for this Pixar foodie flick. How does one studio portray the restaurant scene so perfectly when others have tried and failed, and yet still deliver a movie that's got something for everyone? I don't have the answers, but I sure did love the movie.

The Scent of Green Papaya - I swear you'll be able to smell the Vietnamese food while watching this one. Slowly-paced and simply filmed, watch it for its beauty and for its attention to everyday detail.

And the Winner Is...

Tampopo - Two foodie movies for the price of one. A charming tale of a hapless noodle chef with grand aspirations interspersed with a seemingly-unrelated sexy thriller. Never look at a crawfish, a raw egg or a bowl of ramen the same way again.

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  2. matt Says:

    I’m very delighted to see that this film, one of my favorite films of all time, has achieved such recognition. I go back to Tampopo time and time again for artistic inspiration. Even if someone is not interested in being a chef, the strange connections between the many storylines of the film are wonderful to pick out. It’s also full of so many delightfully quirky and unexpected moments of humor and poignancy that it produces its own brand of scene-by-scene poetry. Well done Tampopo, well done Cook’s Den.