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KitchenAid #KFP750 Review | 12 Cup – Black, White, Chrome

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Best Food Processor | KitchenAid #KFP750 Review | 12 Cup - Black, White, Chrome

KitchenAid 12 Cup Food Processor ReviewYes, I know there are some people out there that prefer using a knife to pushing a button. But what are you going to do when you've got a ton of chopping to do, the kids want to help with the meal prep and/or your non-knife-nut friends are hogging the counter-space? Use the food processor, of course.

The KitchenAid pictured here is a great choice, but let's back up a bit first and take a look at what to look for in a food processor.

First off, bowl size is key. A smaller bowl will usually be accompanied by a smaller base and therefore take up less counter space. But, for my money, I say go for the larger bowl if you've got the space. The convenience of not having to stop and refill cannot be underestimated.The KitchenAid has a 12-cup bowl, which is on the larger end. You can find 14-cup models as well.

Next up is power. Wattage is about the only measure the manufacturer will give you to judge this one. The KitchenAid is 700 watts, which is definitely on the higher-end of home models. It's not a perfect measure, though, so make sure you read customer reviews before buying. Look for people saying that their machine was straining or noisy. Both are bad signs. I don't think you'll read any of that with the 750, though.

Consider the maker's reputation. KitchenAid is best known for their stand-alone mixers, but they've quietly earned a great reputation for making food processors, blenders and, of course, knives. Cuisinart was the traditional top-dog in food processors but, in recent years, has been resting a bit on their laurels. Nothing wrong with them, of course, but they're not nearly as dominant as they were a decade or so ago.

The KitchenAid also includes a mini bowl and mini-blade that converts it into a mini-chopper. This is less important to me personally. After all, why not just use the big bowl? It's not like cleanup is that much easier with the small one. But it's there for you if you like that kind of thing.

The KFP750 was Consumer Reports' top-performer in a recent review, which is a darn good sign. CR put it up against models from Cuisinart, Braun and Oster, so that should say something right there.

It's available in several colors - black, white, chrome, pink and red - to match your kitchen's decor. And don't worry, I won't tell your chop-happy friends.

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