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The Best On-Screen Feast - a category in TheCooksDen's Culinary Cinema Awards.


Big Night - For two hours we anticipate the arrival of the incomparable Louis Prima. Instead we're treated to a visual feast followed by a subtle tale of food as therapy. Not to be missed.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie - The ultimate foodie torture film. A delicious banquet is presented early in the film and the main characters spend most of their time striving, and failing, to sit down and eat it.

The Chinese Feast - Foodie reality survival shows have gotten a lot of attention recently, but this movie tops them all. A sort of extended martial-arts cooking showdown, The Chinese Feast culminates in a stunning competition for the ultimate culinary bragging rights. The final feast features bear paw with caviar, steamed elephant trunk and tossed monkey brain. Yum!

Pieces of April - Just because it's a feast doesn't mean it has to taste good. In this tale, the family black sheep tries to pull together Thanksgiving dinner despite her limited skills in the kitchen. Help comes from unexpected sources. See it for the great performances from Patricia Clarkson, Oliver Platt, and Katie Holmes.

What's Cooking? - Four families prepare and devour Thanksgiving dinner, each with their own hangups and peculiarities. A bit scattered in its treatment of what really could be four distinct movies, but the cast is star-studded and the food is four times as over-the-top as your typical holiday meal.

And the Winner Is...

Babette's Feast - For anyone who's labored over a hot stove to create a masterpiece for an unappreciative audience. A sobering tale that will either reaffirm your devotion as a cook or leave you wondering what all the fuss is about.

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