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The Best Restaurant Industry Movie - a category in TheCooksDen's Culinary Cinema Awards.


Eat This New York - An engaging look at the uphill battle of two Big Apple Restaurateur wannabes. Sure, they don't have a chance. But it's fun to watch them try. And more fun to hear the interspersed success stories of others who did make it.

In the Weeds - A clever look at the life of a wait-staff. Verbally abused by owner, chef and customer alike, this under appreciated group gangs up in an attempt to grab hold of some dignity. One of the better wait-staff movies available, though certainly lacking in parts.

Spanglish - Great American Chef Thomas Keller taught Adam Sandler how to make "the world's greatest sandwich" for this Hollywood take on the restaurant business. Worth the price of admission just to see that one, but the movie is enjoyable even for non-industry professionals. Temper your expectations a bit and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I Like Killing Flies - Frequenters of Shopsin's - New York's infamous greasy spoon - need not bother with this one. For everyone else, enjoy this look at an eccentric family restaurant without the fear of being kicked out for ordering the wrong thing.

Dinner Rush - This one tries to do it all -- it's a gangster movie, a father-son rivalry and, above all, a food film. The intense, realistic restaurant kitchen action and great acting help keep it from getting lost. See it and then go out for Italian.

And the Winner Is...

Ratatouille - Hard to believe that a cartoon rat could show us the best view of life inside a professional gourmet kitchen, but this film leaves no doubt. Of course, it's also fun for the non-foodie crowd. Don't know if your kids like eggplant, but maybe you'll be able to talk them into it after watching this one.

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    me gusto mucho la pelicula, la delicadesa de degustar sabores, olores es magico. definitivamente buena