Best Thai Restaurant in San Diego! Pad Tai, Currie, and Noodles. What else you need?

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Visit the Best Thai Restaurant in San Diego!

Oun always dreamt of such a restaurant to impart the beauty of Thai culture and hospitality. That's the primary customers pay a repeated visit to this location.

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Oun spent his life in the mesmerizing area of California to turn his dream into a living reality. He applied the rinse-and-repeat formula to discover secrets of some of the best taste Thai foods. Then bought these secrets to the areas of the United States and equipped them with traditional Thai style.

From the last twenty years until now, he has met many setbacks, but Oun's commitment made him culminate his life's biggest wish.

The Kanda Thai Cuisine offers yummy appetizers, including Egg Rolls to Golden Fingers, Fried Chicken Wings to Fried Tofu, Curry Puff, and a long list of other such food items. Every foodie once after a while pay repeated visits to this Thai restaurant not just because of food quality but of the lowest prices in the market.

This restaurant is way above just a business venture. Plenty of Soup kinds to Salad types since everything is packed with multiple options. Out of curiosity, then each particular option is loaded with tons of tastes.

For instance, while ordering a Wonton Soup, one can expect a whopping price with limited items. But this one consists of clear broth w/ stuffed chicken wonton, onions, carrots, Napa cabbage, and even bean sprouts. Yes, bean sprouts and all this stuff in just 6.95 dollars. Unbelievable, right?

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In addition to this, Tom Yum Noodles Soup, Braised Duck Noodle Soup, and even Beef Noodle Soup are made with mouth-watering taste appetizing smell. The uniquely made flavorsome Thai Noodles, Thai Chow Mein, and Spicy Noodles attract a vast majority of repeated customers.

Variety of fried rice listing down as Crab Fried Rice, Kanda's Fried Rice, Chinese Sausage, and finger-biting taste of Curry Fried Rice is a specialty of this restaurant.

The appetizing foods accompanying traditional Thai hospitality under the supervision of Oun adds another lovely flavor to this melodious stay at Kanda Thai Cuisine.

That's the reason one of the restaurant's regular customers writes on Google, "This place is fantastic! I have been visiting this restaurant for four years, since I moved from San Francisco. SF has some really good Thai but this place really stands out! Service is friendly, food comes out quick, ingredients are fresh, and they listen when they ask your spice level.

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