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Kitchen Stainless Steel Blade IM550V

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Better Chef Juicer It's too bad the Better Chef's designers didn't think to make the IM550V black and white. If they had, it would have looked like a penguin. How could would that be? A penguin on your kitchen counter? But, perhaps, unlike Lyle Lovett, the Best Chef designers don't "go for penguins." Too bad.

As it is, though, the Better Chef IM550V has some other things going for it. First of all, the stainless steel cutting wheel, pulp collector, top, and press are all easy to remove and dishwasher safe. The locking lid is a convenient safety feature, ensuring that the cover is on before the motor activates. And, at only 12" high with a 9" diameter, it wouldn't take up that much space.

The question of course is how often do you juice it. Is fresh-squeezed juice a part of your daily routine or do you want it to be? Or are you more of an occasional juicer? A little lemon juice on your fish. A glass of grapefruit juice once in a blue moon for that extra boost of Vitamin C. Why spend money on, and devote counter or storage space to, an appliance you won't frequently use, especially one that doesn't add any style or personality to your kitchen?

If only the juicer looked like a penguin. Then it wouldn't matter how often you used it. You'd smile every time you saw the penguin. And happiness is surely as essential to one's health as Vitamin C.

Compare this with the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.

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