Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Machine

Stainless Aluminum Coffee Maker

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Bialetti Mukka Express CappuccinoI have always loved the idea of these little stovetop espresso makers. They are very popular among the Italians, of whom it's said 9 out of 10 rely on one of these for their daily coffee fix. Very simple to use with any espresso grind coffee.

This is the most recent offering from Bialetti, who has been providing similar coffeemakers to the Italian public since 1933. This model has a graceful, feminine shape along with a highly polished aluminum finish. The operation is simple and fairly foolproof. Just add ground coffee and water, reassemble and heat on stovetop until the unit has finished hissing and bubbling. You'll get hot Italian style coffee in minutes. The new twist with this Mukka Express version is the ability to froth milk along with the coffee right in the pot. When the brewing has finished, you are pouring a cappuccino or latte into your cup. Cool huh?

The only downside it seems, is that this can only produce two cups of coffee at a time. Not big mugs, either- small cups. Then you must empty and clean out the unit before you can brew up more. Not bad for a single person without a major coffee addiction. I've heard there are folks out there somewhere that fit that description.

From the reports, these little coffeepots can be prone to trouble, from leaking to inconsistent brewing success. For the most part, I believe that practice will lead to consistently better results, although there are no doubt some defective machines out there. As far as leaking, Bialetti offers replacement gaskets for these that may solve that problem. One thing to remember about these aluminum coffeepots- Never put them in the dishwasher as the harsh detergents will forever ruin the finish.

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