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10 Cup FP1550S

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Black & Decker Stainless Steel FoodBuilt for slicing, shredding, mixing dough, and blending, the all purpose ten-cup Black and Decker FP 1550S Food Processor can perform well but requires some special care. The ten-cup capacity is misleading, with amounts well below this level being a safe amount for this lightly built machine.

Although the 500-watt motor is stout enough and the warranty extends for a year beyond purchase, essential parts from locking latches to gear assemblies are plastic and vulnerable. Be careful not to force the latches that hold down the lid, because too much pressure or incorrect alignments can break these parts. Safety lock switches prevent the machine from working without them.

Be conservative when mixing bread dough or grating cheese, because these high torque jobs can over-stress gears and lead to breakdowns. Working on smaller portions will extend the machine's lifetime. Within its limits, the Black and Decker will slice fruits and vegetables, puree cooked food to baby food consistency, and save you from the chore of kneading bread dough. When preparing large amounts it definitely cuts down on prep time, but you will probably need to do the work in portions.

Dishwasher safe, the removable parts are complex enough that finishing touches by hand will usually be needed. The blade discs will stay sharp longer if you keep them out of the dishwasher cycle and tend to them completely by hand.

Compare this with Hamilton Beach's 10-cup food processor.

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  1. Ronny Sanchez Says:

    Hi, I need to buy the plastic cup replacement for this food processor, as the one that came with it felt down and broke unfortunately…Do you know from where can I order the cup? Thanks.

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