Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

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Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Boxes come in corrosion resistant polychrome or steel plate with galfan coating. Each features plastic protective rims to add to the durability of the item. The door has a magnetic seal which latches tightly to help keep the contents of the box fresh. An extra large interior allows you to store multiple loaves or bread items, even chips or crackers.

Brabantia guarantees the bread box for ten years and they offer it in a variety of shades. They also carry replacement parts through their website. The company wants to challenge the disposable mindset of modern products by creating items which will be useful for decades, instead of requiring constant replacement. They also have committed to an ambitious environmental statement and certification standard. The company has grown from a small shop of craftsmen to a team of specialists in design and innovation.

The flat top offers an additional storage surface; clear up space by placing items on top of the box instead of the counter or store some of your sandwich making accessories right with the bread. This item has very clean lines and a wide handle. The bread box comes with hooks installed on the back side which allow the unit to be mounted on the wall as an option.

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