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Electric Hot Water Cordless Kettle WK200B

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Braun AquaExpress My family has an overwhelming need for hot water. Using the stove, the kettle gets filled, the burner heated ten times or more a day. With a whistling kettle, the charming sound can wear out its welcome quickly if you're busy and can't get right in to take it from the heat.

This is a brilliant solution. Hot tea and coffee can be made where we want it. Plug in the pad, fill the kettle, and place it on top -- and you can simply reach over for a refill. There's no noise, no running for the stove. The electric kettle is fast to boil, even faster to reheat. That is a required feature for me, because I need my beverage at the boiling point to accommodate cream without cooling completely.

The kettle boils and shuts itself off. Pour your water and then put it back down any way you please onto the pad. There's nothing to align. Getting a hot drink can be accomplished without leaving your chair. This is great for company or for the home office, where you can stay engaged in what you're doing and still have a nice tea. Plus, you're not tempted by snacks with repeated trips into the kitchen.

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