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Automatic Hot Beverage TA 1400 | Custom T Disc

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Braun Tassimo Coffee Maker Have you ever come home tired, sat down at the table, and wished you could have a butler appear at your elbow to take and prepare your drink order? This machine won't walk the cup to the table for you, but it will do almost everything else.

Braun addresses several common complaints heard about other models in their version. The machine operates using pre-measured T discs. It reads the T disc label and adjusts automatically to figure the right amount of water and proper brewing time and temperature. The strength settings can be customized, which overcomes beverage flavor issues that arise with the use of K cups. An adjustable cup stand can be set to handle different cup sizes, so both your dainty cup and oversized mug can be accommodated.

The 68-ounce water tank relieves you from filling the machine each time you want a cup, and the water filter ensures a better taste. Both are removable. Most of the movable parts of the Tassimo are dishwasher safe. The Tassimo creates coffee and espresso, milk-based lattes and cappuccino, will steep tea, and make hot chocolate. There is also a concentrated milk insert available. A number of popular brands and varieties of hot drinks are found in the wide selection of T discs. Each cup is eleven ounces, fresh brewed, poured directly into your cup. The system has very little cleanup, no measuring, and takes about a minute from the push of a button to a cup of coffee.

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