Breville Cordless Immersion Blender

Kitchen Mixer w/ Recharging Base BCS500XL

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Breville Cordless Immersion Blender Take the mixer to your food with the convenience of cordless technology. Experience no more worries about cord length or outlet locations. This style saves hassle and extra dishes because you don't have to transfer your creations to and from a full size blender.

The Breville cordless mixer offers nine and three fifths volts with NiMH battery power for twenty minutes of use. Both a surgical grade stainless steel blender attachment and patented loop attachment (for health shakes and smoothies) are included. The recharging base has indicators to show battery level and an optional wall mount. The stick has an ergonomic handle and two button operation. The thirty four ounce mixing jug has level notations for accurate measurements. This immersion blender has dishwasher safe parts and an accompanying one year limited warranty.

Users have experienced issues with stalling, which protects the motor but becomes a bother when trying to mix thicker or hard substances. The unit isn't as powerful as other cordless models and the smoothie attachment will likely not chop ice or some of your heavier frozen fruits. You can blend them first and switch attachments as a solution.

Customers also found the need to push two buttons at once difficult to adapt to, so potential buyers who have trouble with their hands may want to look at a different model. While the parts are supposed to be dishwasher safe, this cleaning method is not recommended according to the Breville manual, which detracts a bit from the convenience of the product.

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