Breville Ikon Blender w/ Ice Crusher

Stainless Steel 750 Watt BBL600XL

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Breville Ikon Blender w/ Ice Crusher If you make smoothies, you want a blender that can handle the ingredients. The more often you make them, the more important it is that the functions perform as the company claims they will. No one wants to stand in the kitchen poking stubborn frozen bits of fruit into the bottom of their blender only to have them fly right back up as soon as the blades are engaged. I hate getting partway into my drink to find a big chunk of ice hidden inside. I know then that by the end, everything will be too watery, and every sip will include that one rogue piece of ice.

Breville seeks to end our frustration by providing a multi-pronged attack on those uncooperative bits. First, they have stainless steel ice crushing blades in the Ikon. They are made extra wide and driven by commercial grade components. Next, the blades are contoured to fit the bottom of the jug, leaving no place for food to become stuck or hide out. Even the ribs of the jug are made to send ingredients back into the blades as they pass. Two different presets allow you to crush ice and mix smoothies. With these weapons at our disposal, there is no way that pesky ingredients shall ever again defeat our drink efforts!

If you're serious about your crushed ice, Waring Pro has a solution.

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