Breville Ikon Electric Kettle

Kitchen Stainless Steel SK500XL

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Breville Ikon Electric Kettle Breville has developed an electric kettle which harnesses 1500 watts to quickly boil nearly two quarts of water. The SK500XL is operated by a single switch, offers a bell to indicate when the water is ready, and has a blue backlight illuminated water gauge, making the level easy to note.

The Breville automatically shuts off if the unit overheats or if there is insufficient water inside (boil dry protection). The lid operates with a cushion control dampening system to provide effortless opening and closing without locking. A cord storage system is located beneath the kettle and the plug is made to allow finger insertion for easy retrieval. It comes with a one year limited warranty

People by a large margin have been happy with the performance and appearance of this kettle. Still, a significant number of purchasers experienced a burned plastic odor which transferred into their water. There have also been minor complaints about the noise of its operation, burns from the casing (which is not insulated), the amount of steam it emits, and the location of the level indicator, which is under the handle and difficult to see since it's obstructed.

That said, it is a lovely kettle: the blue light is charming, and the tall, sleek stainless cylinder design is stylish. The item is well made, with a wide pour spout, adjustable cord length, and a durable metal filter. If you're careful of the hot kettle and keep it aimed away from anything steam can harm, you'll find that it is an excellent method to boil up water for teas, hot soup mix, or instant coffee. Lose your old kettle and free up a burner on your stove.

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