Breville Variable Temperature Electric Kettle BKE820XL

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Breville Variable Temperature ElectricThe humble tea kettle has certainly been embraced by technology. Once upon a time adding a whistle was revolutionary; now Breville allows you to dial in the precise temperature of water you require and hold it for up to 20 minutes with this elegant model.

The sleek stainless steel variable temperature kettle is meant to provide the ideal water temperature for a variety of brewed teas and coffee. Did you know that green tea, white tea and oolong tea all require a different brewing temperature? If not, you probably aren't in the market for an electric kettle this smart. The control settings are all on the base and are pre-set with the five most popular temperatures for brewing common teas as well as French press coffee. An additional feature is a 20 minute keep-warm setting that will maintain your programmed water temperature as needed.

The kettle capacity is 1.8 liters and there is a water level window on either side of the kettle for easy viewing. It's even backlit with a blue LED which adds considerably to the coolness factor of this unit. Automatic shutoff, a sterilize function, and a removable scale filter make this a full featured electric kettle for the kitchen. The price of this model puts it well out of the range for the casual user, while the advanced features will surely impress those seeking the perfect tool for the gourmet tea experience.

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