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BUNN Coffee Maker GRXB Original Simple and durable, the Original GRXB BUNN Coffeemaker makes coffee in three minutes and gets ready for more. Lack of computer control contributes to reliability, but there's no 24 hour automatic brewing option.

With the BUNN Original, you add water to the stainless steel reservoir tank, add finely ground coffee to the BUNN filter, and go to bed. When you get up next morning, the water in the tank is hot and the Original is waiting. Hit the On button and in three minutes you have an entire ten-cup pot of fresh hot coffee. By the time you remember where you put your cup, it's done.

The BUNN Original is a "coffee on demand" system. All you need to do is keep the tank full of water and fresh ground coffee and filters in the hopper. The reservoir is divided into a hot section and a holding section, so adding water to the tank doesn't lower the temperature of water needed for immediate brewing.

Some experimentation is necessary to get the right grind for this system -- if you buy coffee already ground, you could have problems with quality. You'll have better results if you grind your own properly, to fit. Maintenance is up to you, because the BUNN Original has no bells and whistles to tell you when scale buildup threatens the life of the machine. It's still a great coffeemaker, without a lot of fancy gimmicks to break.

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