Bunn Professional Coffee Maker

Dual Automatic Commercial VLPF

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Bunn Professional Coffee Maker The Bunn Professional is an automatic brewer with two warming plates, enabling you to produce nearly four gallons of coffee per hour (batch sizes can be adjusted). The internal components are made of stainless steel; they are durable and handle heat well.

The warmers are individually controlled, so one side can always be ready for serving while the other is preparing a fresh pot. A two-warmer system allows you to conveniently keep the coffee at optimal freshness. Bunn carries a water filter for better flavor, as well as extra coffee filters and decanters.

The machine is spare, a basic workhorse, yet it offers essential features like a hot water faucet for tea and a safety splashguard to protect hands from hot liquids. The hot water provides options for alternate beverages such as tea or cocoa alongside the coffee. With this machine, no one ever has to wait for a refill.

Probably not for a regular household, this commercial brewer requires a water line connection and special attention to electric requirements. Buyers should be aware that the set does not include the decanters. This would be an excellent addition to an office setting, church or small shop, especially to provide coffee to waiting customers, or for large meetings or gatherings.

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