Bunn ThermoFresh Coffee Maker

Stainless Thermal 10 Cup Carafe BTX-B

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Bunn ThermoFresh Coffee Maker Bunn's new reservoir-style home brewer makes up to 10 cups (50 ounces) of coffee in just 3 minutes. That's faster than the Tassimo. Of course, the Tassimo can brew 10 different drinks in a little over 10 minutes. But the BUNN has a key feature which the Tassimo does not: coffee brewing technology perfected over a 40-year history of providing excellent service to the restaurant industry.

Now you can bring that restaurant-quality technology into your own home with Bunn's new thermal carafe home brewer.

The coffee brewer is constructed of commercially-rated materials with stainless-steel accents. The specially designed water tank features an 800-watt heater and internal thermostat. This keeps the water at an ideal temperature for maximum flavor and fast brewing. (It also means you always have hot water available for a cup of tea.)

The brewer's patented spray-head design improves coffee-flavor extraction. And, with the stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated carafe, you don't need a warming plate. Nor do you need to worry about your coffee getting cold. The double wall carafe is unbreakable and dishwasher safe!

And if you're at all concerned about the economy (who isn't?), there's an added bonus- the brewer is U.S.A.-assembled, meaning job security for someone even if it isn't you or me. All this and a 3-year limited warranty to help ensure customer satisfaction. Now I can drink to that.

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