Buy Holistic 100% Grass Fed Whole or Fraction of a Cow In Topeka & Kansas City and Denver

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Does your family love steaks and can't get enough of them all year round? Get substantial savings by buying large portions or whole finished beef from cattle sustainably raised on cover crop on the farms of S3 Meats.

S3 Meats, a Washington, KS based holistic beef producer, has launched their Fraction of a Cow buying option where customers can buy large portions or whole 100% grass-fed beef from cattle raised in their family-owned farm.

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The Fraction of a Cow option launched by S3 Meats allows customers to buy 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 portions of a cow, as well as whole grass-fed beef. By buying in bulk, you can get substantial savings compared to buying beef in smaller portions over a period of time.

The beef comes from cattle raised in Stigge Farms, S3 Meats’ family-owned farm, and driven to a small, independent USDA certified processor for finishing. You may have your orders shipped by UPS or pick them up at Stigge Farms. If you live in the Denver- Kansas City, Topek- Lincoln, or Omaha-Wichita areas, you may also have the beef delivered directly to your doorstep .

A fraction of a cow includes several steak cuts, as well as ground beef and specialty meat cuts like fajita beef and kabob beef. You can get approximately 64 pounds of beef for 1/8 cow, 124 pounds for a quarter cow, 250 pounds for half a cow, and 498 pounds for a whole cow.

S3 Meats features beef from 100% grass-fed cows that have not been given hormones and antibiotics, are non-GMO, and have not been exposed to pesticides and herbicides. The cattle are raised on cover crop that includes various grasses and greens like millet, crimson clover, African forage cabbage, spring peas, and others.

Stigge Farms grows all grasses and greens fed to the cows using a regenerative farming technique. The technique helps absorb carbon in the atmosphere, resulting in beef with a negative carbon footprint.

According to a spokesperson for Stigge Farms, the cattle’s clean and varied diet results in a marble that is highly flavorful and rich in bionutrients. Several studies have also shown that grass-fed beef offers more health benefits than conventional beef, as they contain more omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and other antioxidant vitamins.

In addition to Fraction of a Cow, S3 Meats also offers two sampler collections in 10 pound, 15 pound, and 16 pound variants, featuring a variety of steak cuts and ground beef burger patties. Steaks, roast and rib cuts, ground meat, and tidbits may also be purchased by pound.

Savor the flavorful and healthy goodness of grass-fed beef while enjoying large savings when you buy Fraction of a Cow from S3 Meats. You may also choose their sampler collections or buy by pound to compare the difference from conventional beef.

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