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Would you love to try coffees from around the world, but don’t have the time to investigate? Love to taste new flavors and blends of coffee each month? Then the new subscription service from BeanCurious could be for you!

BeanCurious Coffee Co., specialty coffee roasters and suppliers based in Hong Kong, have launched a new delivery and subscription service for their special blends. The company sells a carefully curated selection of single origin coffee beans and coffee accessories.

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The newly announced subscription service has been developed to cater to coffee aficionados seeking new blends and flavors in Hong Kong.

Specialty coffee may have once been exclusive to coffee houses and boutique cafes, but with an increase in the availability of high-end coffee machines for the home, many coffee fans have now become their own barista. While cafe-culture is here to stay, instant coffee at home is no longer the go-to for a cup of joe, and demand for specialty blends is on the rise.

The coffee subscription service from BeanCurious offers you a chance to try a selection of coffees from around the world, without the commitment of sticking to a single choice. The service rotates the selected coffee beans every four weeks, offering each of the blends in their collection, alongside several single origin specialty coffees and the occasional rare blend chosen exclusively for subscribers.

The company’s master roaster selects samples of coffee from the best farms across the globe, experimenting with roasts to accentuate the natural flavors of the bean. Most of the coffees available via the subscription service have relatively low acidity levels, and are compatible with a variety of coffee-making methods.

Whether you prefer smooth and delicate blends, rich and fruity blends or bold aromatic blends, the selection from BeanCurious Coffee Co. is always perfectly roasted. You can select from Light Roast, Dark Roast or the popular Roaster’s Choice options depending on your preferences, with deliveries made on Fridays every 2 or 4 weeks.

Beans from the company are provided intact and unground to reduce oxygen exposure and keep the coffee tasting fresh.

With the latest announcement, BeanCurious continues to invest in providing unique, delicious and even rare flavors of coffee to at-home baristas across Hong Kong.

BeanCurious Coffee Co. are the coffee roasters you can rely on to bring you the best quality coffee blends and delicious bean selection!

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