Calphalon Contemporary Chef’s Knife

6 Inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery

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Calphalon Contemporary Chef's Knife Manufactured in China, with proper care this 6" cutting edge forged steel Chef's knife can be a welcome kitchen companion. Although it's rated safe for dishwasher cleaning, that can be its undoing, as well as the voiding of the lifetime warranty.

A full length tang, forged bolster, and seamless handle construction all contribute to overall quality of build. The flat ground forged steel blade, stain resistant steel rather than stainless steel, will take a fine edge with a little preliminary work from the new owner. The size of the blade makes it efficient even for smaller hands, and the design of the comfort-grip handle is friendly to most users. The lifetime warranty, however, is voided if the knife is washed improperly, and that is not well explained by the company's literature. In practice this seems to mean that under no circumstances should you run this knife through the dishwasher. The temperature stresses may cause the steel to fracture, something I've seen in Chinese knives of modern origin that I've purchased as "good deals." Excellent knives for the price until the dishwasher mysteriously breaks them in half.

Ever since this happened I've been nervous about bargain knives from China, not because they might break in the dishwasher, but because they might break in actual use. Possibly it isn't fair to judge a company's entire line by their lowest level of product, but even the lowest level should be dependable. This level of Calphalon knife should be approached with caution.

Other products to consider in the economy range of good knives would be chef's knives from either Forschner or Henckels--Forschner knives are the best in this price range.

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