Calphalon Contemporary Panini Press Grill Pan

Hard Anodized Nonstick Pan

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Calphalon Contemporary Panini PressThis Calphalon pan features a hard anodized exterior and a nonstick cooking surface with raised ridges for creating grill marks. The accompanying stainless steel sandwich press fits into the pan to press foods from above, trapping heat and helping the sear. The handles stay cool during stovetop use and the press handle is well tented, keeping your fingers away from the heat of the metal. The pair clean up nicely with a wipe or hand wash. These Calphalon items come with a lifetime warranty.

The unique shape of the pan accommodates two side by side sandwiches. With the pan and press combination, you can create delicious hot pressed Italian style sandwiches on the stovetop and avoid the hassle and expense of another specialty appliance. Not just for sandwiches, the press helps sear meat and the pan makes lovely grilled vegetables. Cook with just a light brush of oil and the nonstick will ensure your food will still release well.

While not technically a grill, you can get a grill effect on food items indoors, year around. With no electric components or parts to fail, the set is almost guaranteed to be more durable than an electric grill and press. Prepare for thorough heating and melted cheesy goodness.

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