Calphalon Contemporary Roasting Pan Set

Nonstick Hard Anodized Aluminum

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Calphalon Contemporary NonstickThere's no need to buy a cheap, one-use roasting pan and create more waste. The Calphalon roaster can give you better results than you'd get from an aluminum throwaway and ensure your dinner safe transport to and from the oven. It will earn a place among your favorite cookware. The tall handles are set high to make room for pot holders and aimed vertically to save clearance space in the oven, so the whole pan is easier to handle.

This set includes a nonstick roasting pan, roasting rack, bulb style baster, an injector, and a set of lifters. The heavy gauge construction is made of hard anodized aluminum and is oven safe to 450 degrees. The use of nonstick coating and rounded corners makes the pan a breeze to clean. The pan is fantastic by itself to prepare deep dish items without the sticky, burned-on mess.

The rack keeps your food suspended above the pan surface, allowing delicious drippings to accumulate in the pan's bottom while the meat above is exposed to circulating heat and air. The skin can crisp while the fat drains away. The meat comes away intact for a nicer presentation. Save the juices for gravy or simply enjoy a healthier preparation.

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