Calphalon One Saucier Steamer Pot

Stainless Non Stick 5 Quart

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Calphalon One Saucier Steamer Pot This generous sized pan from Calphalon is really three pans in one. I use the saucier pan itself for cooking up large batches of gumbo and stew, plus it's the fastest way to boil up a batch of pasta due to the large base and wide shape. The steamer insert fits well into the pan and accommodates the glass lid tightly for efficient steaming of veggies. That's two uses, the third being that the stainless steel insert makes a darn good colander for draining pasta and noodles over the sink.

I really like the oversized handles on this. They are designed in such a way that they don't get very hot while cooking on the stovetop. Still, I recommend using oven mitts or hot pads to move this around when in use. That's when you'll be glad for those easy to grab handles.

This is constructed of solid hard-anodized aluminum with a four layer non-stick interior. The non-stick material used here is much more durable than some you see on cookware. It's not slick to the touch, and just feels more durable. In fact, I have used this style pan for some time and even with the occasional metal utensil touching it, it has not shown any wear or scratches. These pans clean up rather easily with no heavy scrubbing required. Most foods you can just wipe out, which is pretty cool.

I like the dark, almost black appearance to this line as well. They age much better, appearance-wise, than the polished steel or copper finishes on other cookware. You will never need to get out the polishing compound for these.

Lastly, all Calphalon cookware is USA made and carries a lifetime warranty against defects.

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