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Capresso H2O Plus Kettle Capresso's 1 1/2 quart glass water kettle boils water quickly and quietly. Resting securely on a 360 degree swivel base, the kettle can easily be lifted by both right handed and left handed users. The handle also has a slip-free, textured underside to help ensure a secure grip.

Perhaps best of all, the German-made heat-resistant Schott glass kettle boasts a drip-free design. No dribbling, spilling, or splashing.

Whether in your home, office, classroom, or studio, the Capresso Glass Water Kettle will look elegant on your counter and you can pour from it with grace. And the polished chrome base, handle, and lid easily wipe clean.

It's also safer for your health than drinking hot water heated in a plastic electric kettle. No leaching plastics here.

Capresso's Glass Water Kettle's special safety features include a concealed heating element, a blue indicator light, and automatic shut off when the kettle is lifted from its power base or when the water reaches boiling point.

The 6 1/4 by 8 x 9 inch water kettle carries a one-year limited warranty.

It's a practical household or office item for extreme tea drinkers, or those who like to offer tea to their clients or guests.

There's really nothing quite as soothing as a hot cup of tea, and no faster, easier, or more elegant way to heat that tea water than with the Capresso Glass Water Kettle.

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