Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Stainless Steel 565

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Capresso Infinity Conical Burr GrinderCoffee lovers like me are loving the fact that burr grinders are available in a size for the home kitchen. I've burnt out so many of those little blade grinders over the years it's not funny. Not to mention the fairly crappy job they do on the beans.

This Capresso is already getting rave reviews from users for its ease of use and (even more important) ease of cleaning after the coffee has been ground. The conical burr is steel and the housing is die-cast zinc for durability. The size of this model is manageable for your counter, and the grinding noise is kept to a minimum due the reduction gearing of the grinding mechanism. The slower speed that the burrs use keeps the buildup of heat down as well.

This unit features 16 grind settings, more than you will ever need, but hey, choice is good. You can be sure that at any setting, the grind is uniform. A nice addition is a grinding timer. You can set it to operate from 5 to 60 seconds before shutting off. As this style of grinder works rather more slowly than others, a timer frees you from standing there watching coffee grounds collect in the chamber while you hold the switch.

This seems to be a solid unit for anyone that demands the best gadget for preparing those fragrant beans. Capresso promises easy cleanup and a long life due to the quality components that go into this machine.

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