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Cast Waffle Iron by Rome Industries Many waffle makers these days are electric, non-stick, and automatic. But despite all these modern conveniences, many cooks swear by the tried-and-true cast iron waffle maker and allege that the texture and even cooking distribution just can't be beat. For health-conscious cooks, a cast iron waffle maker also doesn't have the negative health concerns raised by non-stick and Teflon coatings used on today's electric appliances. Either way, making waffles in cast iron cookware is a method worth looking into.

This cast iron waffle maker by Rome Industries is a good choice to consider for waffle aficionados who prefer light, airy waffles that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It's 6 inches in diameter and creates American-style waffles, not Belgian waffles.

However, this type of waffle iron will be most advantageously used by cooks who already know how to work with cast iron cookware, like Dutch ovens or skillets. It's important to pre-season the Rome waffle maker before use. To do this, first burn off the parrafin wax coating in the oven or in boiling water, wash it, then coat with oil and heat until the surface is hard and black. This may take several tries.

Another common complaint is that the ideal cooking temperature can be hard to figure out. Heat the waffle iron too much, and the seasoning will start to burn off; heat it too little, and the waffle batter won't be cooked all the way through. When tested in kitchens, users found that the Rome waffle iron worked best on gas stovetops and camp stoves -- not so much on electric ranges, due to a lessened ability to control the heat source.

Other users complained that the handle gets much too hot to use, although a thick oven mitt usually solved the problem.

Regardless of its high-maintenance prep work, the Rome waffle iron is a favorite among breakfast lovers (once they got used to the cast iron method of cooking, that is). If the high-maintentance road to breakfast isn't quite your cup of tea, try the digital Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Iron instead.

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