CDN Digital Electronic Thermometer

Kitchen Meat Dual Probe

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CDN Digital Electronic Thermometer The dual sensor probe of this thermometer and timer from Component Design Northwest, named Best in Category at the 2009 Houseware Design Awards, is specially designed for accurate measurements of both food and oven temperature with one dual function probe. At Thanksgiving you can take the guesswork out of cooking the turkey by setting the tip of the probe deep in the bird. A cable connects the probe to the countertop readout, showing both oven temperature and the internal temperature of the food. By keeping a constant watch on the process you eliminate mistakes and know precisely when dinner is ready--no over or under cooking.

By programming the CDN Thermometer you can pre-select desired temperatures for each sensor, and the unit will sound off when each reaches the goal. If your oven cooks high or low, now you'll know. A ten hour digital timer is the unit's third useful feature.

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