Celebrity Chef Edward Kwon Opens Gourmet Restaurant In Seoul

The Gordon Ramsay Of Korea

Posted by on May 27

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Meet Edward Kwon from Seoul, Korea. Some call him the "Korean Gordon Ramsay" due to his passion, perfectionism. and occasionally fierce temper. Others simply know him as the country's first celebrity chef -- and a rising star to watch in the global culinary community.

His newly-opened restaurant, The Spice, is turning heads with its Korean-European fusion menu. In fact, Kwon's ultimate desire is to change the menu every three months, which he laughingly says is "a big challenge -- the staff members were almost reduced to tears!"

Menu items at The Spice consist of simple fare "dressed up" with signature Kwon twists. One of the most popular meals is baked chicken on a bed of fried lentils. Yet on the menu, the dish reads as "Sous vide cooked young chicken leg confit, kabocha squash puree, braised lentil du put, and truffle juice."

Even the dessert menu aims to please with items like the frequently ordered vanilla mousse with pineapple carpaccio and crunchy chocolate.

Additionally, Kwon's restaurant is setting a new standard for "affordable gourmet." His vision is to let all Koreans taste his dishes without being strained financially, using his love of comfort food to draw them in the door. "I want to make a statement on the high-cuisine society of Seoul," he says.

Source: The Korea Times

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