Celebrity Chef Gale Gand Shares Tips On Cooking With Kids

Posted by on Jun 3

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Gale Gand is a renowned celebrity pastry chef as well as a mother of three. She is the former host of the first dessert series on Food Network (Sweet Dreams), a former Top Chef judge, and a featured guest chef appearing on Oprah and Martha Stewart's daytime shows.

In a recent interview, Gand offered a handful of tips for busy moms to help teach kids about food and cooking at an early age. Her own children "all love to cook," she said -- even her 6-year-old twin daughters. Gand shared that they love to help with measuring and mixing, watching pastries rise in the oven while keeping a safe distance from the heat source.

For those who can't seem to find time to bake from scratch, Gand reassured that it's OK to cheat a little. "If you want to make a pie, get pastry that is already made, get pre-made pie dough, get apples that are already cut... If it gets you in your kitchen and gets your house smelling like an apple pie, go ahead."

She also advised parents not to avoid involving kids in the kitchen because of a potential mess they'll make. Instead, she focuses on the enhanced educational experience (math, science, chemistry, and motor skills, which all play a part in cooking). "Everything is washable," she said. "Don't be afraid that it's going to be a mess, because it will be, and it's OK because you can wash it. So dress for a mess and enjoy what you get out of cooking together with your kids."

Currently, Gand is one of many celebrity chefs who are a part of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" project. She spends a lot of her time as a guest educator and mentor in her local schools, pairing nutrition facts with easy-to-make recipes. Past school projects include Halloween pumpkin muffins, chicken noodle soup, and chocolate chip scones with orange glaze.

Source:  Celebrity Baby Scoop


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